Financial Benchmarking & Forecasting

Preparing for both short-term and long-term goals

Often times, it’s hard to understand exactly how you perform against your competitors. It’s also difficult to predict what the competitive landscape will look like 12 months or two years from now, but there are factors that can help you prepare to address short-term concerns and achieve long-term goals.

Are you more or less productive, efficient, and competitive than other companies in your space? EJC has been helping companies just like yours—both as a CPA firm and as a trusted advisor, for more than three decades. We’ll help you compare your business practices and performances against others in the industry—often times helping you run your business more efficiently and develop better business plans for your continued success.

We provide financial benchmarking  in two critical areas:

Performance benchmarking vs. best of class standards (both industry and company historical)

Budgeting, cash flow projections and forecasts


Anticipating what comes next

In tandem, we also offer financial forecasting capabilities. When running day-to-day operations, you can lose sight of the bigger picture and your long-term goals. Financial forecasting helps anticipate how your business will perform during the next phase of growth and operations and can be used for more than loan applications.

During this process, EJC will help you review your likely income, costs, profitability and potential financing needs to provide better insight into the long term financial health of your organization.

Plus, our longevity in the industries we serve enables us to uniquely understand the challenges in your specific market. We’ve seen companies come and go - which gives us the acumen to help you avoid similar mistakes while capitalizing on the best practices of those that have not only survived but thrived.

Teamwork. Focus. Passion.

Summed up in a single word: SERVICE. Let EJC help you achieve and sustain success.