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IRS Examination Representation

An IRS or state audit can cause extreme anxiety for any business owner. After all, when Uncle Sam calls you must answer!

EJC has provided IRS Examination Representation to clients across New England. We can help alleviate the stress and make sure that you are fairly represented during a tax audit, through a tax appeal, or other tax dispute. Our team is authorized to represent you before both the IRS and the State of Massachusetts.

Are you concerned about a tax audit? Contact us today.

Sales and Use Tax


Sales and use tax can be one of the most time-intensive, legally complicated and challenging aspects of running a business.Our firm has built a reputation of helping clients navigate commonly misunderstood requirements, changes and audits.

If you’re looking to avoid spending thousands of dollars in penalties, gain an understanding of how sales and use tax will impact your business, or develop a plan for tax savings and exemptions, contact us today.

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