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Financial Consultation

Who We Are

E. J. Callahan & Associates, LLC is a Massachusetts-based CPA firm focused on providing accounting, audit, tax and business advisory services to closely held companies including contractors, real estate developers, manufacturers, distributors, non-profits and professional service firms.

EJC has earned a reputation with clients, bankers, attorneys, sureties and financial professionals all over New England for technical excellence and superior client service. Contact us to see how we can put that expertise to work for you.


Our goal is to help each and every client achieve and sustain their business vision.


Our philosophy is based upon one word: SERVICE. We know that in today’s fast moving business environment responsiveness is key. Our team is an extension of your business and we are ready to answer your questions and concerns thoughtfully and efficiently.

Clients understand it takes a team working together to achieve success. They are passionate about their business and so are we! Our job is to help clients remain focused on their ultimate goals and provide the unique tools and strategies to help them get there. Contact us today to learn how we can do the same for you.


Passion. Team. Focus.

Summed up in a single word: SERVICE. Let EJC help you achieve and sustain success.


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