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“We were able to secure a government loan and a grant that will allow us to continue working from home and to quarantine as much as possible. This is largely in part to our ability to respond to the grant and loan application process in such a timely manner because of the incredible help of our accountants at EJC. They did not allow us to miss the opportunity and we secured the resources needed to weather the storm. 

Although life will probably be challenging for a while at home and at work, we are going to come out of this stronger bc of what everyone is doing now. In short, we are surprisingly in great shape and I am certain we will survive. When you see them walk in the office next time, make sure you let them know you know who they are and how their company helped all of us.”

Steve Fleming

President, Vineyard Engineering & Environmental Services

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EJC has developed a strong reputation as a trusted CPA. Whether you’re struggling with improper job costs cut off, need help with benchmarking financial best practices, or simply looking for support with your bookkeeping, we can assist you.
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While every business is unique, all face similar tax challenges, including tax planning, cost segregation, and sometimes even an IRS tax examination. EJC has specialized knowledge of taxes pertaining to discreet industries and will provide you with professional guidance at every turn
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EJC is unique among New England CPA firms because we possess both financial and operational expertise across industries. Our advisory service is dedicated to customer focus, people development, process improvement and benchmarking based on “Best of Class” standards.
John Moriarity Testimonial

E. J. Callahan & Associates serves as business advisor, accountant and consultant to some of New England’s most prominent businesses.

From construction to manufacturing, real estate developers to

non-profits, start-ups to small businesses, we partner with our clients to help them achieve and sustain success.


Passion. Team. Focus.

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