Human Resources & Benefits

Human resources is often one of the most undervalued yet critical aspects of any growing business

In a company’s early stages, there are not enough employees to warrant hiring a dedicated HR Manager. But as the company grows, so do the company’s HR resource needs.

EJC provides a full range of Human Resource related services, including:

Enhancing communications within the company

Pension and Profit Sharing Plan

Incentive Compensation Plans/Deferred Compensation Plans

HR issues as well as the impact of Worker’s Compensation Claims

Insurance & Employee Benefits

In tandem, understanding the benefits landscape can be an overwhelming task for a company of any size.

Contractors, manufacturers and others must meet certain obligations, as well as provide competitive benefits to retain top talent.

EJC can help your firm succeed through helping you plan, evaluate, negotiate and select the right insurance and benefits plans

Teamwork. Focus. Passion.

Summed up in a single word: SERVICE. Let EJC help you achieve and sustain success.