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Job Cost Structure & Information Systems

Making sound financial decisions requires that you track your expenses related to a job accurately

Job Cost Structure


Job cost structure is an important tool to accomplish pricing products and services more effectively for contractors, manufacturers and consultants.

EJC has extensive experience identifying opportunities to control costs, improve performance and succeed.


Our Team Can Help You:

  • Evaluate productivity; comparing historical company standards with industry data

  • Measure and control variable and fixed overhead rates

  • Control selling, general and administrative costs

  • Understand what those costs actually are - both direct and indirect - and how they will impact your bottom line

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Information Systems

From Quickbooks to vertical-specific applications like Sage, Great Plains or Foundation, our team has worked with them all!

Let us help you determine which system is right for your business.

Our experts can offer advice on:

  • Estimating and project delivery systems

  • Business development and networking systems

  • Financial/accounting systems


These systems and tools can help manage the cost/benefit equations your organization will encounter and streamline processes for more efficient analysis.

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