Mergers, Acquisitions & Succession Planning

Whether you’re looking to acquire or be acquired, or exploring the possibility of joining two existing companies to create an entirely new one, we can help

With intimate knowledge and experience with M&A for clients across industries, our team can help successfully navigate this significant change to your business. Done right M&A activity can lead to improved revenue and financial success.

Our team is ready to provide the strategic services and counsel you need to make the best deal possible for your business.

Our efforts include:

Developing M&A terms and conditions

Identifying and assessing M&A risks and contingencies

Developing a comprehensive and strategic M&A strategy

Delivering post-merger transitionary advisory services

Assisting with M&A negotiations

Succession Planning

Often times M&A activity results in executive changes and revised leadership roles. The impact on your company’s bottom line can be significant.

Whether a result of a merger, retirement, another job, or unforeseen circumstances, you must be prepared to handle the transition of a critical executive to protect your company’s future. Anyone in a leadership role, who drives the direction of your organization, and manages and influences your team, must have a succession plan in place. It’s never too early to consider what such a transition may look like!

We have  helped dozens of companies plan for—and manage—key employee and ownership transitions to eliminate the tension and financial uncertainty that often comes along with the succession process.

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