Operations Review

Often when companies grow organically, their operational structures no longer match their strategic direction

If you’ve made a strategic directional change, your current organizational structure may not support the new direction.

EJC can help review your current operational structure and processes, addressing critical questions including:

Is your organization set up in an optimal manner to support your current business goals?

Are your daily business operations running as efficiently as they could be?

How can your internal controls be improved?

Answers to these, and other critical questions can help you achieve long term success as your organization evolves. Our team will help you identify and map out your organizational structure and business structure while evaluating resources and identifying issues. Our strategic recommendations will help guide you through a seamless process of organizational change.

Contract Evaluation

Often, contracts contain language that will have significant financial impact on your ability to conduct business. As part of the operational review, contract evaluations can also be reexamined.  The broad range of contract nuances need careful review and consideration.

EJC has been a trusted source for contract evaluation for more than 30 years. We’ll help you develop, evaluate and negotiate:

Customer contracts

Subcontractors and vendors contracts

Disputes and claims consulting and preparation

Teamwork. Focus. Passion.

Summed up in a single word: SERVICE. Let EJC help you achieve and sustain success.